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COMMUNITY MAIL BOX This is mail from outside Oakleigh Forest - from the county, our public representatives and Greater Severna Park.

OFCA Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors 04/11/21
General Membership 03/10/21 (pdf 2.3M)
Board of Directors 02/21/21
Board of Directors 01/10/21
Board of Directors 12/14/20
Board of Directors 11/10/20
General Membership 10/13/20
Board of Directors 6/09/20
Board of Directors 5/12/20
Board of Directors 4/21/20
Board of Directors 3/10/20
Board of Directors 2/11/20
Board of Directors 1/14/20

2021 Dues Notice (pdf).

The concrete pool deck, retaining wall, and fence have all been replaced. The bathhouse has a new pitched roof with extended overhangs and accessible storage, and new siding. The interior has new showers and fixtures with new plumbing and a new water line from the street. Steps were added in the pump room to access the storage platform there. The parking lot and driveway have been paved and new professional basketball hoops installed.

     is killing our oaks
     is killing our ash trees

MOSQUITOES -   OF has signed up for adult mosquito control services as we have done in the past. The County will monitor the larvae and adult population and only spray if deemed necessary. Now limited due to covid 19. As a community we need to assist mosquito control efforts.
MDA Mosquito Control Under Covid 19 (pdf)



From the President of the Oakleigh Forest Civic Association, Inc.

The Oakleigh Forest Civic Association (OFCA) is an example of American participatory democracy at the "grass roots" level. We are legally incorporated. In Anne Arundel County there are no city governments north of Annapolis, and, thus, most civic activity at the local level occurs through many community associations which are, in turn, in this area, members of the Greater Severna Park Council. We contract with lawn care firms to maintain our park and entrance areas and with pool maintenance firms to provide professional oversight for our pool's operations, but all the Directors and Officers of the OFCA serve their neighbors without compensation. Our shared goal is to make Oakleigh Forest continue to be a safe, enjoyable place to live for people of all ages. Our on-going efforts are aimed at maintaining and improving our community and to planning for its future. We urge all residents to maintain their properties as a central part of this effort. We also offer social activities at various times of the year. The Board of Directors ordinarily meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and the community holds its Annual Meeting in March and another general meeting in October.

Our community consists of 158 homes, a park with a playground, a pool with a picnic pavilion, a bathhouse, and a "kiddy" pool, and a waterfront with a boat launch and slips. Membership in the OFCA is urged for all residents and is required to use the facilities and to participate in our social activities. The Covenants are binding on all property owners, whether or not they are members of the OFCA, and any external modifications to properties must be approved by the Board before work begins. Our OFCA By-Laws, the Covenants, our Articles of Incorporation, are posted on this website. "Hard copies" of these documents are also available upon request from the President of the Association. We also publish a newsletter, The Oakleaf.

We welcome and urge all residents to participate in the life of our community. Questions, suggestions, or concerns should be addressed to the Director responsible for a specific area of the community's life.