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Oakleigh Forest eMAILBOX

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  • Yard Waste Delays pdf
  • Dear Community Association Leader or Representative:
    We wanted to apologize for the delays your community is experiencing with curbside collection. The hauler servicing your area has severe shortages in staffing and has been unable to complete all three pickups (trash, recycling, yard waste) on your collection day. In order to correct this, yard waste collection will now occur on Wednesdays until further notice. Your trash and recycling will continue to be collected on your normal collection day.

    Please forward this email message along with the attached letter from Christopher Phipps, Director of Anne Arundel County's Department of Public Works, to your community members. The letter provides additional information regarding this service change.
    Additionally, an online search tool is available to help with confirming the addresses that are impacted. Please visit: https://www.aacounty.org/departments/public-works/waste-management/curbside-collection-day-change-for-yard-waste/index.html

    Our County Recycling Centers are always available as an option to dispose of your yard waste. For more information, including hours of operation and locations, visit: https://www.aacounty.org/departments/public-works/waste-management/recycling-centers/
    Please note: Due to the July 4th holiday being observed on Monday July 5th, causing collections to slide one day for Monday and Tuesday customers, curbside yard waste collection will not occur on Wednesday, July 7th. Your yard waste collection will resume on Wednesday, July 14th.

    Thanks for your help in distributing this information throughout your community and again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
    As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
    Be safe, stay well.
    Richard Bowen
    Program Manager, Recycling & Waste Reduction Division
    DPW - Waste Management Services
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  • Community Representatives,
    I wanted to reach out to inform you of our upcoming road work that will be taking place in the Oakleigh Forest subdivision this summer. The roads listed below have been selected for our preventative maintenance program and will be getting either Cape Seal or Microsurface treatment.
    Fiscal Year 2021 Construction Season
    Roads Scheduled for Cape Seal Microsurfacing Treatment
    Stauffer Rd
    Whittier Ct
    Roads Scheduled for Microsurfacing Only Treatment
    Whittier Pkwy
    Preventative maintenance treatments typically have (4) phases involved:
    Phase 1 - Upgrading/replacing concrete ADA ramps at each intersection This work does not apply if no sidewalks/ramps are present
    Phase 2 - Asphalt patching to address any severe failing areas of the roadway (potholes, loose alligator cracking, sunken utility trenches)
    Phase 3 - Crack Sealing (typically transverse cracks that span the width of the roadway and longitudinal cracks spanning the length of the roadway)
    Phase 4 - Application of the preventative treatment Cape Seal Treatment - This is a two-part process where a "Tar & Chip" layer is installed which seals the entire road and provides a new wearing surface. Then about 2 weeks later we come back to install the Microsurface Layer on top which smooths out the final surface.
    Microsurfacing - This is only a one-part process where the roads in better condition receive only the Microsurface layer once patching and cracking seal are complete
    I have attached two flyers for your reference which have more details regarding the overall process of each treatment. We require our contractors to distribute these flyers on affected roads at least two weeks prior to the application of each treatment. We have also supplied our contractors with "No-Parking" signs where we require them to be posted at least 48 hours ahead of work.
    Regards, Eric Vieraitis - Project Supervisor
    Century Engineering, Inc.
    IMD Pavement Management
    Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works
    Phone: 410-222-4349
    Fax: 410-222-4356
  • Cape Seal Flyer 2021 DPW Letterhead IMD pdf
  • Microsurfacing Flyer 2021 DPW Letterhead IMD pdf
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