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Oakleigh Forest Civic Association, Inc.
Minutes of the OFCA Civic Meeting
March 15, 2017
Meeting Began at 7:33

Present: Bill Goodman, Kurt Heydt, Jessica Hermanstorfer, Kurt Emrich, Carey Hill, Marie Tuccille, Frank Cingel, Mike Garland, Kim Goodman and Natalie Staines

Treasurer's Report: Kurt Heydt Secretary's Report: Jessica Hermanstorfer

Director's Reports

Grounds: Kurt Emrich Social: Carey Hill Community Watch: Mike Garland Pool: Jen Roberts, Kim Goodman Community Outreach: Bill Goodman Playground: Mary Duncan Waterfront: Steve Patrick Swim Team: Lisa Hussey Website: Frank Cingel

New Business:

Respectfully submitted,
Jessica Hermanstorfer, OFCA Secretary