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Thinking of Some Home Improvements??

Any changes to the exterior of your home including fencing additions must be submitted in writing and approved by the Oakleigh Forest Board of Directors prior to construction. This process ensures compliance to Covenant standards. If you have questions about possible projects, please contact a Board Member for clarification. This applies to all residents of Oakleigh Forest including those that have yet to become association members. For your convenience you may use this approval request form.

Social Activities


social15 When it comes to Social Events in Oakleigh Forest, everyone gets into the act! There is the picnic on the fourth of July, the Pig Roast with accompanying haunted trail, End of school bashes, an Easter Egg hunt, Christmas decorating contests, Labor Day fun run with brunch, Halloween party, and so much more! All events are designed to be self-funded, and require volunteers to make them happen. (Crazy dressing is not mandatory.)

Eagle Scout Project

ryan13.gifOF gets a playground remake thanks to Ryan Smith and the scouts of Troop No. 450. Besides a new fence section, new brick walkway and several other improvements around the playground, including fresh woodchips, there is a new horseshoe pit behind the back pool fence. Click the photo to see 21 slides of his project.

A Little History

Some History and Memorable Events With Pictures

Did you know??

  • The land for Oakleigh Forest was originally owned by Jesse and Hertha Adams and started being developed in 1957.
  • The convenants were put in place to protect property values and residents. They forbid the ownership of chickens, ponies or cows.
  • The first homes were completed in 1959.
  • The pool was completed in 1961.
  • The Garden Club was founded in 1965.
  • The Avery Memorial Garden in front of the playset is named for Norman Avery, who was the builder for most of the homes in Oakleigh Forest.
The webmaster is looking for old and memorable-event photos. Email. Snail mail prints, slides, positives or negatives, black and white or color. They will be returned promptly.