The Oakleigh Forest Civic Association, Inc.
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External Construction Approval Request

This form, along with appropriate drawings, must be submitted to the President of the OFCA by the first Tuesday of the month at which Board approval is requested. All external construction projects must be approved by the Board of Directors BEFORE construction is begun. The property owner must attend in person the OFCA Board meeting at which approval is sought. Approval is required for fences, privacy screens, additions to fences and buildings, renovations (e.g., transforming a screened-in porch to a sun-room), decks, sheds, in-ground masonry barbeque pits, etc. Accompanying drawings must show location of the project in relation to the existing house and the plot boundaries/street[s]. Projects must conform to the OF Covenants, and it is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain required County building permits. Significant modifications to an approved project must be approved by the Board, as well. A copy of this form will be returned promptly to the property owner, indicating the Board's action. To submit electronically, the president's email is:

Date  _______________________

Name _____________________________________

Street Address ______________________________

Home Phone _______________________

E-mail ____________________________

The Project _________________________________________________________


   Type of Construction Materials _________________________________________

   Location ____________________________

	Projected dates, beginning/conclusion ____________________________


Board Action and Date ________________________________________________


President __________________________________