Pool Charter

ARTICLE I Name & Purpose
The name of the organization shall be the Oakleigh Forest Pool, which is established and operated for the recreational benefit of its members, under the by-laws of the Oakleigh Forest Civic Association (OFCA).
The OFCA objective is to provide a well-maintained family recreational facility at affordable prices to all community and sponsored non-resident members.
The purpose of this document is to define some of the guidelines needed to manage and operate a community pool. These guidance statements are to provide a consistent set of rules or procedures to be administered and followed by an annual changing board of Civic Association and Pool Committee members.
This document should be distributed to all pool committee and resident / nonresident members for any upcoming season. It is important to understand the administrative, operational, and membership responsibilities of all parties involved each year. This document shall be a "living document" meaning with each new pool season, these guidelines should be reviewed and updated consistent with implemented changes.
ARTICLE II Membership
The proceeds of the annual assessment shall be used solely to finance the costs of the operating budget and the pool capital reserve requirements.
Section 1. Resident Membership
A Family Member is defined as: a head of a household, his or her spouse, their children or any other individual residing in the household as shown on the original application for membership. Membership in the pool shall consist of family members and shall be restricted to property holders and residents of Oakleigh Forest who are members of the OFCA in good standing (OFCA annual dues paid in full and up to date).
Section 2. Non-Resident Sponsored Membership
The Board of Directors may enter into agreements with families, which are not residents of Oakleigh Forest, to provide for a Non-Resident Family Membership subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. The Non-Resident Family shall submit an application containing such information as shall be required by the Board of Directors.
  2. The Non-Resident Family shall be recommended to the OFCA Pool Committee by an Oakleigh Forest Pool Member in Good Standing, who shall be responsible for the conduct of the Non-Resident Family.
  3. The Non-Resident Family shall pay an annual assessment fee and nonrefundable application fee which shall be greater than the annual fee charged to Oakleigh Forest Pool members. The specific amount of the annual fee for the Non-Resident Family shall be recommended by the Pool Committee and approved by a simple majority of the OFCA Board of Directors.
  4. The Non-Resident Family shall be defined as the head of the household, the spouse, children who reside in the household, or other household residents; and/or in the case of an individual non-resident membership shall be defined as a single adult being at least 21 years of age - all such persons to be named on the application for membership.
  5. The Non-Resident Family shall be subject to all applicable provisions of this Charter and any rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto.
  6. No tenants of the Non-Resident Family members shall be eligible for Non-Resident Family membership.
  7. The Non-Resident Family members shall have no voting rights but may attend any meetings of the Pool and shall receive any such or information distributed by the Pool Committee.
  8. The Non-Resident Family membership shall not be transferable.
  9. Applications for Non-Resident Family memberships shall be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  10. Under no circumstances shall the total number of Non-Resident Family Members plus the Oakleigh Forest Resident Family Members exceed the maximum allowable number of family memberships determined by the Pool Committee each year.
  11. The rights of the Board of Directors of the OFCA, to enter into agreements with Non-Resident Family Members, subject to the terms and conditions stated in this Charter, shall be approved each year (as part of the Pool budget approval process) by a simple majority of the OFCA Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the Pool Committee.
  12. Based on this yearly assessment process, Non-Resident Family Memberships in Good Standing the previous year shall receive first priority in membership renewal.
  13. After maximum authorized membership has been reached, applications will be placed in the order in which the Pool Committee receives them.
  14. Long-term houseguests of members, either resident or non-resident, will not be considered members of the household (unless legally designated) and shall be required to use daily guest passes for pool use.